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Steve Jobs: “Life is fragile.”

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment
Picture (Head shot) of Apple CEO

Steve Jobs

I have become interested in Steve Jobs – the person.  Most of us that read this blog are interested in the things that Steve Jobs – the corporate CEO of Apple – designs and brings to market.

Steve Jobs faced death with his recent Liver disease, that humbles a person.

This blog entry at gives us a glimpse at the man.  The blog entry focuses on an email reply that Steve Jobs made to a young man that had lost his girlfriend  to melanoma-induced liver failure.  Steve’s reply was “Life is fragile”.  Buryied in the post is a link to Steve’s 2005 Stanford speech.  Take the time to view it.  The last third of the speech is the best part.  He speaks of how you can connect the dots looking “back” but not forward.  I think it is worth your time.

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A Gizmodo post

April 9, 2010 Leave a comment


Bible Ref: Luke 16:19-31 that explains the concepts in the picture above.

The Gizmodo post above is the rants of people poking fun at Steve jobs, but really, it is non fans of Apple that have called the iPhone “the Jesus phone”.  I really don’t care much about all these rants.

The interesting thing to me is that Steve Jobs might be dealing with the question, Is this all there is ?  He has just received a liver transplant in Tennessee and I wonder if his off hand comment reveals that he is searching for spiritual guidance (which is the normal human response).  To face mortality is a life changing event in anyone’s life.

Steve Jobs in public seems to be person you would like to be around.  Wittiness his mingling with the faithful at the Palo Alto Apple store when the iPod was announced.  He wanted to be around people, people who enjoyed things that his team created.  That is a very human response, much different that the way Steve Jobs is portrayed in by Dan Lyons (Dan is definitely not pro-christian in his writings on the site).  Dan’s post An open letter to the people of the world tends to be crafted as a condescending Steve Jobs, looking down at just about every one.  I’ll give you a tease of his blog post, in the hope that you will look at it via the link above.

The truth is, this is all about spiritual emptiness. That is why you’re standing in line. Except for Scoble, who is an attention whore and just doing it to get attention.

The truth is, all over the world, across every culture, there exists a sense of yearning. A kind of malaise. An emptiness. At the risk of sounding like Dr. Seuss: There is a hole in your soul. …

I find it interesting that the fine products of Steve Jobs & Apple are causing people to talk about items of spirituality.  Could it be that people that are try to raise Steve Jobs to some status greater than men are also asking the questions they think he might be asking after his operation?  Is this all there is?

I am excited that over the last few years, we can take any message (including the Christian message) to any size audience via the laptop, iPhone, and now the iPad.  Your presentation on an iPad can be the same, sitting at a table and meeting one on one, one to a few, or with a projector or flat screen TV one to many.  Instead of lugging around printed material and books, we can have all that and more (keynote, powerpoint, podcasts, movies), all of mankind’s knowledge is moving to a 1/2″ thick color screen that weights a pound and half — thanks Steve!

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