tapeHere are some tips for using the KRMUG site...


Moving around this Website

At the top of each page, just below the header, is the Page menu bar, click on any of these buttons to view the page.

The Home button, the house icon in the Page menu bar,  will bring you back to the front page of our website from anywhere within our site.

To find a particular post use the Search box located to the right of the Page menu bar.

The Sidebar, located on the right side edge of our pages, contains links to help you select information you would like to see.

To quickly navigate to a particular post use the links under Recent PostsRecent CommentsCategories, or Archives.

Each post on our site can have tags, or keywords, attached to it. These tags will show in the sidebar under Tags. You can click on a tag to sort all posts by the associated tag. The Tag font size is related to the number of tags.

To view posts by a certain author click on that author’s name in the article.


Additional Features

You may view the content being posted to our site in your favorite RSS reader. Why might you want to do this?

Mouse over the RSS icon, located at the top of the sidebar, to view a list of suggested reader sites, or just click the RSS icon to subscribe to your current reader, ie the Safari web browser.

You can selectively choose to subscribe, via RSS, to just Entries RSS or Comments RSS by using the links provided under Menu in the sidebar.

If you have an account for the KRMUG website you may access that account by clicking on Log in under Menu in the sidebar.



Since the KRMUG site is built on you can find detailed help by visiting the Support Site.