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Excitement over Lion

It looks like we have an upgrade coming – from Snow Leopard to Lion – and I am excited to see it come. This upgrade will have a few things in it that make it special.
1) Full OS – Including the Server components. No need to spend extra $ to get the server version.
2) The ability to have more than one user logged in. You may have one user logged in to the console and at least one other user logging in remotely. Both with full and different Graphic sessions. Maybe more than one user can log in remotely,  Apple has not told us.
3) iPad2 may be gaining Spaces – the ability to have multiple screens run on it’s display. Allowing a person with an iPad to log into a session on a Lion Mac. This would be awesome in my mind as you could carry around your iPad and log into your powerful Lion Mac, giving you the best of both worlds. Kent Unruh mention in a meeting last year, how he could see Apple bringing touch feature to the Mac, he was very prophetic. I’m starting to save my $ for the upgrade. I will do a fresh install on a usb external hard drive and run that way until I find out that Lion is good enough to install permanently on my hard drive.

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