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Summary of March Meeting

The meeting stated off with some discussion on current events and news, including the iPad. We may have an iPad or two available for the April meeting, if not we hope to have them at the May meeting.

Dennis showed us capabilities of ScreenFlow, a commercial application for recording audio and video from your screen. For those in attendance last month you will remember we discussed and demonstrated the screen capture features of OS X, and the new Screen recording option in QuickTime. The demo of ScreenFlow finished up this discussion.

Next Kent lead us in a discussion and demonstration/hand-on dealing with security and password issues on the Mac. Some of the areas looked into and how to setup were…

  1. The Login Screen and how to set Login Options
    1. System Preferences > Accounts > Login Options
  2. How to access the Password Assistant built into OS X
    1. System Preferences > Accounts > Change Password
  3. Locked System Preferences, Screen Saver, Logout Activity
    1. System Preferences > Security > General
  4. Master Password
    1. System Preferences > Security > File Vault
  5. Firewall
    1. System Preferences > Security > Firewall

Then we looked at a commercial product, 1Password, for creating, managing, and entering passwords.

Also shown was a free application called AllBookmarks, a small utility for managing bookmarks across all browsers installed on your computer, including those saved in 1Password.

To secure a single folder on your machine PGP was discussed, though we did not have time to look into this product.

Some other things mentioned, but no time to show included setting your Open Firmware password and products to Hide Folders on your computer.

And as usual we had our  help on troubleshooting problems, hands-on time, juice, coffee, rolls, doughnuts and a good time.

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