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Misa Digital Guitar Demo

If there’s one thing Guitar Hero and Rock Band taught us, it’s that we don’t need strings to be a rock star and rip gnarly riffs with the best of them. Sure, they’re just video games, but the Misa Digital Guitar is the real deal, and it’s just the kind of stringless guitar living room legends have been waiting for.

Consider the Misa a glorified MIDI controller whose sound “is limited only by what you connect it to.” There are 144 note buttons for the left hand to sift through, while the right hand rocks out by tapping a touch screen control pad. And of course it’s powered by Linux, which means the door has been left wide open for programmers to conjure up some funky modifications.

We can already sense the blood boiling from traditional guitarists who see this as yet another abomination of music, but if it helps any, Misa’s designers admit their creation shouldn’t be compared to acoustic or electric guitars saddled with strings. After all, “those are different instruments, for different art forms, for different music. This is electronic music.”

YouTube Video

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