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Summary of November Special Meeting

Kent began the meeting with a presentation of the new KRMUG website. A general overview of WordPress, the software our site is built upon, and WordPress.com, the hosting service for our site, was shared with the group.

A tour of the general layout of the website was shown, including how one can read posts, find posts, comment on posts, and access our static pages.

The process to create an account so one can login and create a post was shown, it is not a requirement for members of the group to create an account, but an account is required to be able to create a post.

More instruction on using the site will be covered in future meetings as “mini topics”.

Dennis then gave a presentation on some uses of iPhoto. Covered in the presentation was how to spit photos into events, geotagging photos for using the Map feature, and having iPhoto recognize faces for use with the Faces feature.

Next up Dennis showed the group how they could make and print Calendars and Cards using the features of iPhoto. As an optional choice to the built-in features of iPhoto Dennis showed the group how they may choose to use Pages or Word to create cards.

We also had general discussion on several other items, help on troubleshooting problems, hands-on time, juice, coffee, rolls, doughnuts and a good time.

Hope to see you at the next meeting!

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